Q: What is the Cam Eliminator Kit?

A: The Cam Eliminator Kit completely replaces the stock eccentric cams that are used for wheel alignment on your Toyota. These stock cams are round and are notorious for slipping out of adjustment which can potentially damage the cam tabs. We have designed a replacement plate with larger hardware to eliminate this problem. The plates still give 3 levels of adjustment (max, min & neutral) so you still have adjustability. The replacement plates are square, making full contact with the cam tabs on both sides. This prevents the plate from moving out of position after they have been properly torqued.


Q: Do I need adjustable UCAs in conjunction with the Cam Eliminator Kit?

A: No, adjustable UCAs are not required to be used with a Cam Eliminator Kit. It is highly recommended though to fine tune your alignment.


Q: How do I set my alignment after installing the Cam Eliminator Kit?

A: These kits are designed to function similarly to the stock eccentric cams. To adjust, you will need to loosen the bolts enough where you can change the orientation of the new alignment plates. There are 3 placements for adjustment, either max, min or neutral. Consult with your alignment tech to determine which placement is best for your vehicle.


Q: Where can I get my alignment set after installing the Cam Eliminator Kit?

A: Any alignment shop should be capable of aligning the vehicle after installation. It is preferred to have the vehicle aligned by a competent alignment tech with an understanding of off road vehicles.