HD Billet Rack Clamp

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In our mission to preserve your vehicle’s alignment, we have solved yet another weak point. Stock steering brackets are intended for on-road use, but cannot withstand the abuse of off-road driving, nor increased tire sizes.

Since these vehicles have a rear steer setup, the forward load against the tires is pushed rearward into the steering rack. This force causes the steering rack’s vertically bolted center mount to act as a fulcrum on which the rack pivots. This, in turn, makes the bracket the weakest link in securing the steering rack. Over time and under load, the bracket will stretch and distort, causing the bushing to fit loosely around the rack. As a result, this causes play and poor response in the steering.

To solve this problem, we have designed a much more robust bracket. CNC milled from 6061 aluminum, our HD Billet Rack Clamp improves upon the stock bracket in all use cases.

Firstly, the beveled edge on the bushing mating surface has been removed. This helps secure the bushing from wandering horizontally. And secondly, our bracket is approximately 50% larger than the stock bracket. This allows our bracket to withstand just over 1000 lb-ft more than the stock bracket (Strength numbers generated in CAD analysis).



  • CNC milled from 6061 aluminum in Utah, U.S.A.
  • Easy two bolt installation, reuses factory hardware (Uses supplied washers)


  • 96-02 4Runner, 01-07 Sequoia, 95-04 Tacoma, 00-06 Tundra


  • It is highly recommended that this be used in conjunction with polyurethane steering rack bushings


  • Warranted for off-road use only. The end user assumes all risks involved when installed.

For installation instructions click here or watch the install video here